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5 Eco-Friendly Titles

5 books all about living green

With Earth Day this month, it’s time to look at some current writings about the world’s ecology. Most take aim at diagnosing the problems of the future, and while there is a dark cast to it, there is also cause for optimism in the search for a sustainable life. More simply, I’ve included a couple DIY titles for how to live greener.

State of the World 2013: Is Sustainability Still Possible?

A series of articles examining what is green and “evergreen” in terms of the products/resources we use. Policies are examined here, as well as tools for people and politicians to make the movement more viable going forward.

All You Need Is Less

Here you go: Live simply, go green, and be more conscious of your carbon footprint by avoiding junk that screws up the planet! Madeleine Somerville has the solutions (well, some great suggestions and fixes).

Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist

If you’ve read his stuff in The New Yorker, then you know Bill McKibben’s led an interesting life, and how protest and informing the public are part and parcel of his mission. This work shows us what we’re looking at in the future, and what we might do to ameliorate, or at least, slow, some of the rot.

The World in 2050     

Laurence C. Smith’s glimpse at “megatrends,” predicted by computer models, to show us what the world might look like in the next 40 years. One thing’s for sure: A lot more people will be living in cities, and while there is hope, there will be a lot less ice.

The New Art of Living Green

Erica Palmcrantz Aziz and Susanne Hovenäs’s book is a practical guide to keeping it green: from stem to stern. It’s a bit crunchy, for certain, but then, this book tries to offer small-scale solutions—those are the kinds of things that add up, big time, when everyone does them together, and acts together, no? Yup.

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