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5 Books About Luxury Items

The history of and collections by some big-name brands

We've all found ourselves victims of temptation. Sometimes this comes in the form of temptation to buy the things we want but don't really need, or the things we have to have but can't afford. (Or maybe you can afford ’em but don’t need them?) Anyway, to luxury! Of all stripes…

For The Love Of Shoes

I’m sorry, but shoes matter. Period. Try going to an interview sunk into a crap pair of wingtips and see if you get the job. That said, the footwear in Patrice Farameh’s tome are works of art that range from the insanely impractical to the practically unforgettable.

Louis Vuitton City Bags: A Natural History

You know them, and you have one—or sundry—or you at least covet them. Well, if you’re a collector, this is basically all you need to ensure a complete inventory of the most iconic totables in history (with the exception of maybe the Birkin Bag, I suppose).

Luxe Fashion: A Tribute to the World’s Most Enduring Labels

There are heritage brands you can’t really imagine the finest stores not stocking, honestly, from Brooks Brothers through Burberry to Gucci, Dior and more. Caroline Cox hits all the biggies here, tracing history as well as offering fantastic illustrative examples.

Jewelry by Chanel

Er, in a word—WOW. Patrick Mauriés’s book, populated by timelessly gorgeous gems, baubles, necklaces, rings and, yep, diamonds, are in settings that explode into your pupils (they’re placed among black-and-white pages allowing them to leap from their flat pages). Heartrendingly magnificent.

Dior Glamour: 1952-1962

Natasher Fraser-Cavassoni’s tribute to CD’s iconic design is simply unbelievable. The book recreates a slice of a world (most of which was shot by Mark Shaw), that I would love to return to and never leave. Beautiful, regal, elegant: Get this and DON’T just put it on your coffee table—indulge in bygone glamour.

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