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Life In Style

5 Must-read lifestyle books for a well-rounded way of life

These delightful lifestyle books will awaken your inner bohemian, homemaker, aesthete and antiquarian—so live your life in style! And hey: They also make great gifts…

Let’s Bring Back

Remember handwritten thank-you notes? Table manners? Delightful preprandials and elegant conversation? Leslie M.M. Blume’s paean to choice décor, lovely, fine things and the charm of the past is a celebratory invitation to return to living life with flair—and enjoying every minute of it. Also available in Lost Language and Cocktail editions!

The Bohemian Manifesto

If you feel bad about waking up some weekdays and want to sit in a café drinking coffee, maybe reading poetry, painting, sculpting, crafting, laying around—egad, even enjoying an illicit cigarette or fatty pastry—be guilty no more. …Laren Stover will remind you that your Bohemian impulses aren’t just a phase, but a lifestyle and ethos, and you needn’t apologize. (Oh, and she’ll tell ya why.)

The Butler’s Guide to Running The Home

Downton Abbey fans: Stanley Ager’s classic, recently re-issued, literally will guide you, from soup to nuts—or from Tokay to postprandial sherry—through the man(l)y arts of keeping a house in tidy tuck and timber. Anecdotes and crisp prose from his sundry years of experience, as well as excellent how-to advice, abound!

Luxury World

We think we know what it is to live well—how to define “luxury.” Well, Mark Tungate did the research, and he’ll tell you what it really means in this enjoyable trip into the world and settings of fine goods and luxe joie de vivre. Peer, if only from your armchair, into Parisian couture, and the distant locales that produce your favorite shoes, gowns, suits, jewels and handbags (and find out why they’re worth what you pay—or not).

How To Sew A Button: And Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew

Erin Bried’s book (and her How To Build A Fire: And Other Nifty Things Your Grandfather Knew) will help you live a more homely, unmediated life, because, like it or not, we seem to have lost many of the abilities our elders possessed. Whether it be hemming, knitting, baking or unclogging a toilet (yes—I said it…!): Well, these skills, combined, are the substance of life, lived with simple style, just doin’ it yourself.

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