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The Sporting News

5 books for sports lovers

Warmer weather, we hope, will be coming, and more sporting activity will be on tap. So, EXTRA, EXTRA: Read All About Sports!

The Sports Gene

There’s something different about champions: It’s not just that they are elite, I suppose, but that, among other things, they don’t just have it given to them—they take it. Or, well…that’s only part of the story: David Epstein’s book homes in on the genetic component, as well a great deal more, involved in sporting success. Fascinating reading.

The Bullpen Gospels: Major League Dreams of a Minor League Veteran

Dirk Hayhurst’s memoir about the 2007 season is, according to one dear friend with much baseball experience, the best book he’s ever read about America’s pastime. (Hey, my friend was a catcher, all right: he knows.)

Faust's Gold: Inside The East German Doping Machine

I first read about this fantastic work by Steven Ungerleider in The New Yorker, and what was revealed, and what the book illustrates, is an unbelievably detailed and truly fascinating underworld of sports-enhancement that makes the A-Rod scandal look like an after-dinner faux pas. Sheesh!

Touching The Void

Remember this one? No? Good! Now you have a book to get. Joe Simpson’s tale is riveting. Read this and thank your lucky stars you are indoors, warm, in your chair, and safe and sound…

The Best American Sports Writing 2013

When in doubt, compilations make for a great sampler, and this has it all: Everything from across the spectrum of magazines and the Web rolled into a collection of, by turns, agonizing and triumphal pieces that range from the short to long-form essay. Worth a turn: Hey, when is the 2014 collection out!?!?!

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