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Digital Apps for New Years Resolutions

21 apps to keep you organized and focused on your goals


It’s 2014! Between the excitement for the holiday wearing off and snow storms challenging our daily life, it can be difficult to remain enthusiastic about your New Year’s Resolutions. Thankfully, the majority of us have a smart phone/tablet/laptop on hand at all times (except when we feel the need to "disconnect!"), and they are filled with tools that can help us stay focused and accomplished.

Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Digital Applications have revolutionized the way we keep an eye on our health and stay fit. Whether you're looking to lose weight, focus on eating a healthier diet or want to learn something new—it seems as though there’s always an app for that. Not only can these apps guide you along your process, but many of them also have a social aspect — linking to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where you can be connected to a network of people looking to accomplish the same goal.

Here are some of the best apps for 2014 to help you accomplish your goals! Love a specific app that didn't make the list? Share it with us on our Twitter page and use #GetFitwithBritt.


  • DailyBurn Video Workouts: With a variety of workout routines from different types of trainers, you’ll never get bored!
  • Fitocracy: This workout tracking tool challenges you via games and peer motivation.
  • Fitness Buddy: This app demonstrates how to perform 1,000 exercises and incorporates full workout routines. You can even customize your own routine that best suits your needs.
  • Pact: This app offers financial motivation. While it does charge a fee for missing your workout (gulp!), it will also give you a payout if you do make it. There are nutrition pacts available based on a similar structure.
  • FitStar: This app boasts a new body weight workout every morning with no weights or other equipment needed.


  • MyFitnessPal: Helps to track caloric intake and expenditure based upon their database of food nutrition information. You can even scan a bar code on a food item to pull up the nutrition information!
  • Substitutions: This app lists easy to find alternatives to ingredients that may be on the indulgent side — so you can still use your favorite recipes, but make them healthier.
  • True Food: This app is the Center for Food Safety’s official app. It can help to identify foods with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) while you’re out grocery shopping.
  • Locavore: For those who like to "eat local" or "shop local" — you find farmers markets and farms that provide in-season food near you.


  • Fit Brain: Improve your memory skills and concentration via puzzles and games.
  • DuoLingo: If your goal is to become multi-lingual, this app challenges you to learn one of six languages through games; you can also track your progress against friends who are using the app.
  • Poems By Heart: Your friends will be impressed once you start using this app to recite classic poetry from memory!
  • Daily Art: A painting and description will be sent to you daily, so you can learn about a new masterpiece every day of the year.
  • FocusBooster: Improve your work/life balance by utilizing this app to set timed alternating work and break periods to help you stay focused on your task at hand.
  • MyQuit Coach: Brought to you by LIVESTRONG, this app helps you to come up with a structured plan to help you kick bad habits such as smoking or drinking.
  • Evernote: This app helps you to organize all your notes, tasks, photos, voice recordings and more, as well as integrates with other networks, apps and devices.
  • Volunteer Match: This app allows you to search by zip code, time, or skill for places that may need your service. The social integration aspect allows you to invite friends to volunteer with you.
  • Dragon Diction: Sometimes, inspiration hits when you're nowhere near your computer or a notebook. Use this app to record your ideas and turn them into a digital document, email, text, Tweet or Facebook status.
  • Mint.com: This app will help you to track your expenses and maintain a budget while organizing your accounts.
  • Khan Academy: With more than 4,000 videos teaching a variety of subjects, this app is like attending school via your phone. But the best part is that you can choose which subjects truly interest you.
  • Goodreads: Load your favorite reads and get suggestions as to which books you should try next!
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