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Britt gives tips for how to exercise when you don't have a lot of time


As a Health and Wellness Guide working in the Fairfield County area and beyond, I am asked the same question repeatedly: “How do I find the time to workout?” Want to know my secret? I don’t always necessarily do my workout back to back in one long session!

Every single person has their own particular schedule, between families, friends, studying, working and participating in many other events. You may not always have the time (or the perceived time) to hit the gym for a full hour or more. It’s important that no matter what, your health comes first, and in order to maintain your health you need to include physical fitness within your daily activity. Doing a little bit throughout your day helps to keep your body active and your mind sane!

Often people assume that in order to reap the benefits of exercise they must engage in physical activity for extended period of time, this is not always the case. The only time to you need to participate in continuous prolonged exercise versus short bouts is if you're training for a specific event or competition where you may need to focus on endurance. If you're short on time and your schedule is more conducive to splitting up your routine into several short workouts throughout your day, don’t worry that you won’t be burning calories or achieving the results that you want, the main thing is that you’re being active throughout your day so your body continuously burns calories even when you’re not working out.  

As you prepare for your workouts, please be sure to remember the following:

  • Always consult with your doctor before doing any form of exercise
  • Make sure to eat something light prior to working out (such as a half a banana with Almond Butter or Veggies and Hummus) and always stay hydrated by having approximately 9-13 cups of water throughout the day. If you’ve had a particularly hard workout, replenish your electrolytes by drinking unflavored, natural coconut water.
  • Physical Activity should be done EVERYDAY…but of course, to break it down, focus on the following:
    • Cardio should be a minimum of 30 min a day, 5 days a week. Try doing this as soon as you wake up in the morning for all day long energy and faster metabolism (and to get it “out of the way”…yes I know how people think!)
    • Strength Training should be an approximate of 45-60 min a day, 3-4 days a week
  • Always make sure your posture is good. You can practice this by activating your core for 5 min every waking hour, every day. You can even set a timer on your phone to alert you to do this and pretty soon it will come natural!
    • Activate your core by “flexing” your abs; draw navel to spine, drop shoulders, chest up and not out, sitting up taller and tightening up your abdominal muscles (just the same as if you were to flex your bicep); Your posture will be improved instantly…
    • Once you're done, grab a glass of water (another reminder to you to stay hydrated!)

Below is an example routine of a “Workout Throughout”; it consists of a little bit of physical and mental fitness each hour, throughout the day. Try it and keep us posted on Twitter or Facebook by using “#GetFitwithBritt #WorkoutThroughout” and let us know how you’re being active throughout your day! Do this routine Monday—Friday at work / school / wherever you are (HELPFUL TIP: PRINT THIS OUT AND KEEP WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES!):

  • Hour One: Roll Up / Toe Touch: Starting from the Crown of your head, roll vertebrae by vertebrae down as you reach towards your toes—if you need to, bend your knees! Do this 10x as slowly as you can, each time getting deeper and deeper into a forward fold
  • Hour Two: 25 Deep Plie Squats & Straight Arm cheerleader “V” Raise
  • Hour Three: 60 sec Wall Sit, do it 4x, with a 30 Sec break in between
  • Hour Four: 60 Seconds of High Knee Marching (make sure you bring your knees as close to your chest as they can go; 4x, with a 30 Sec break in between)
  • Hour Five: 60 Walking Lunges & Glute Kickback (30 lunges one way, 30 on the way back)
  • Hour Six: 60 Sec Straight Arm or Forearm Plank
  • Hour Seven: 60 Sec (each leg) Standing Gluteal Leg Raises (use chair for balance)
  • Hour Eight: 60 Sec of Calf Raises: With thighs zipped up together, lift heels; Do it 4x with 30 sec break each
  • Hour Nine: 15 minute de-stress (5 minute stretching/restorative yoga and 10 minutes of meditation)
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