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Westport Arts Center goes glam

Once in a while we get a chance to leave our desks and take a field day. This time myself along with Callan our associate editor, and Gabriella, our publisher went to visit the Westport Arts Center to see their current exhibit Scents & Soles.

On display are 230 watercolor paintings of perfume bottles by photorealist painter, Robert Cottingham and twenty-three whimsical shoe sculptures by Nina Bentley, who you may have read about here.

What is especially interesting about this exhibit is that the paintings don't immediately reveal the identity of the bottles. We were mesmerized with the color and detail of each exquisite painting not knowing whether it was from Cartier or Lady Gaga. It was fun trying to guess which designers we were looking at. A beautiful pink bottle was from Britney Spears, another dark purple one from 50 Cent (I did not even know he entered this line of work…) and of course an endless collection from fashion designers.

Robert Cottingham has been collecting and painting perfume bottles for over four years and has produced 350 paintings. As he continues to paint, his daugther Molly Cottingham, who works at our office as art director of creative services, is astonished at how much work her father has put into his collection.

Here is a peek of a few pieces, then read on to see Nina's work.

Westport Arts Center

Westport Arts Center

Westport Arts Center


The second component – the shoes! – does not pale in comparison. Nina Bentley has designed over 100 shoes which have been featured worldwide. Her sculptures are imaginative and evoke curiosity. The sculptures include Freudian Slipper, Vermont Downhill, Sundae Shoe, and Viva Miami.

Westport Arts Center

Westport Arts Center

Westport Arts Center

It's a fun exhibit, be sure to stop by before September 7!

Westport Arts Center

Whoever handles the gardening at WAC does a fabulous job, woudn't you say?

Westport Arts Center

51 Riverside Avenue, Westport; 203-222-7070


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