Exhibit Jhina ALVARADO

Jhina Alvarado’s paintings speak to a time of innocence and simple pleasures. They are enjoined on board and executed with surprising precision. These works are fun pieces that recall an era, wistfully unencumbered and insulated from the vagrancies of today’s chaotic world. They are iconic and often kitschy, images from the 1930’s – 1960’s, discovered at flea markets and estate sales. Jhina employs both oil and encaustics into her works that define and amplify the anonymous persons that are the subject of her resurrections. She encapsulates life’s seemingly candid and sometimes silly moments. Her use of encaustics allows for a polished yet aged aspect to her works that simulate the tone and quality of bygone eras. Discarding the traditional employment of backgrounds in her work, Jhina replaces them instead with patterned wallpaper. This intentional lack of integration within her compositions amplifies its inherent plasticity, as she manipulates the focus of the viewer to solely attend to the subject of her configurations. Extending the image outside its borders, further directs the viewer to respond and fill in that which remains absent – the backstory behind each simulated character. Her utilization of negative space and non-symmetrical placement heightens the feeling of fleeting and interpersonal reflection, the untold stories that exist behind each visage. Her efforts evoke the vagueness of a memory or dream.
Jhina Alvarado currently resides in California. Her work is exhibited and collected throughout the United States

Additional Information

  • Sponsor: Canfin Gallery
  • Contact Name: Jean-Claude Canfin
  • Contact Email: jccanfin@canfingallery.com
  • Website: www.CanfinGallery.com

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