Exhibit Michael KESSLER

Deeply personal, his works are borne of a humble and deeply reverent focus. In a symbiotic rhythm, these minimalist pieces replicate the origin of his constant muse – nature’s thrust.
Michael KESSLER’s biomorphic works are mesmeric; they evoke stillness and beauty suggestive of sub-crustal natural worlds, ever-changing, always fluid. His palettes, incandescent, are ardent and tonal. Lapis’ – jades – carnelians, sumptuous hues that he applies in washy overlays – that float as notes, in their own gestural symphony. They are shaped, sponged – manipulated by the artist in a unique dynamism between himself and the elements that comprise his works. He manipulates them like skins as the Color-field artists, yet KESSLER’s approach is active, prowling, and engaged. He waits to seize the moment, to orchestrate the work for optimal advantage. To watch him attack his work, stirs images of Pollack standing above his great canvases. Kessler, too, peers above his own work and moves as the surface dictates the direction.
With multiple awards, including Pollack Krasner Award, and Whitney Fellowship, KESSLER can boast of a thirty year career, with over 150 one-man shows, multiple museum collections, and an array of distinguished corporate and private collections.

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