Green Fingers Garden Club Flower Show

The title “The Color of Light” is inspired by the question, “What is Color?” The fascinating answer to this question is portrayed through the variety of inspiring, unique exhibits. The show will highlight the beauty of all botanical life and its diverse expression as color in the natural world.

Exhibits will appeal to nearly every interest. Floral Design classes will include exquisite creations inspired by themes such as Fireworks, Reflective, and Moonlight.

The Horticultural division will showcase an extensive array of plants, including flowering bulbs, container gardens, and terrariums. Lovers of fine art photography will be treated to six categories of works, to include the interpretation of color, texture, pattern and seascapes.

The Botanical Arts division will feature breathtaking “Jewelry” delicately created out of botanical materials, inspired by Jewels of the Nile and the Indian Festival of Lights. On display will also be a botanical architectural design inspired by “Paris: The City of Light”.

In keeping with the club’s mission, club members will also present their own Conservation and Education exhibits. The Education Exhibit “Light and Color – why we see what we see!” will highlight the importance of Light, both visible and invisible to the human eye, and why it is essential for life. Whether we are enjoying the colors of a garden or a pollinator zeroing in on to the nectar in a flower, we are all beneficiaries of this evolution. The wildly diverse and beautiful plants which we chose to cultivate in our gardens allow us to see color with light.

The Conservation Exhibit will focus on the importance of “Taking a stand on Tree Conservation; A Window into Essential Biodiversity.” This exhibit will focus on the importance of old-growth oak forests and the essential support they provide to ecosystems and economies. Information will be provided on ways to ensure that this living architecture remains a vital part of our planet’s future.

Raffle tickets available at the show will offer winners a Princess Dogwood Tree, quarterly delivery of seasonal flowers by McArdle’s Florist, and a Greenwich Townscape by Leonard Weber. A lovely boutique will sell an assortment of items including beautifully planted antique gardening items.

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