Make a Movie This Summer: Day Camp for Future Filmmakers

Learn the art of film-making at The Ridgefield Playhouse! All you need is a smart phone, an imagination and a desire to make a movie! That’s right – this summer, Filmmaker, Katie Torpey, is running a fun, creative 2-week day camp teaching children and teens the fundamentals of independent film-making and the art of visually capturing a story on their smart phones.

Campers will watch and analyze movies, receive hands-on instruction on storytelling, writing, directing and editing.  Plus, they will learn how to use multiple camera lenses, fly a remote controlled drone, and use visual angles and lighting to help them creatively tell a story in their own artistic style.  During the 2-weeks, each camper will make a music video and a 3-minute short film.  Every camper will show one of their films on the big screen at The Ridgefield Playhouse on the last 2 days of camp with different awards being given out for originality, creativity, cinematography, story, etc.  All campers will leave camp with the knowledge, skills and equipment to go off and make their own artistic films in the future!

Limited enrollment!  Call the box office to register today!

Session #1:  July 10th – July 21st
Age 8 – 11
M-F (9-5pm)

Session #2: July 31st – August 11th
Age 12 – 15 (teens)
M-F (9-5pm)

Price:  $1,250 for the two week session + $350 for camper backpack*
$250 non-refundable deposit

1 smart phone with camera (space of 20 gigs or more) – iPhone or Android *when registering we will need to know camper’s smart phone model.
4 camera apps to be downloaded before first day of camp.

*Campers will receive a camp package to be purchased by camper for $350 that includes:  Camera Backpack, Camera Stabilizer, Boom Mic (attachable), Backup Phone Battery, Film Directing Notebook, Tripod Kit, LED Light for Camera, LAV Mic, Ear buds, 4 Camera Lenses for smart phone (macro, fisheye, telephoto, wide angle)

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