Pirates of Penzance Jr.

Frederic and his pirate friends are bringing the White Plains Performing Arts Center Summer Theatre Academy on a swashbuckling musical journey, and rising 4-10 graders are welcome to come along!
Set sail with this classic comedy that boasts one of the most famous patter songs in musical theatre history. The Pirates of Penzance JR. is a hilarious farce with sentimental pirates, dim-witted young lovers and an eccentric Major-General, complete with the wit and whimsy of the original Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.
Set on the rocky coast of Cornwall, England, The Pirates of Penzance JR. begins with a group of pirates who are celebrating the birthday of one of their own, Frederic, who has reached his 21st year. Finally having served the full length of his required time with the pirates, he decides to strike off on his own and become an upstanding citizen – which may even mean bringing the pirates to justice. This turns out to be a tricky prospect indeed, especially when Frederic’s freedom is called into question!
The kids will get a chance to work with a highly qualified, and professional staff, from 10:00 am to 4:30 everyday. This all culminates into two performances on July 14th and 15th at 7:00 pm at the White Plains Performing Arts Theater. This program is for children who are rising 4th-10th graders. Please visit www.wppac.org or call 914-328-1600 to register.

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