Story Pirates: Stuck In The Stone Age

In The Story Pirates’ Stuck in the Stone Age show kids get to contribute their own ideas in the Story Pirates’ newest interactive comedy, based on the upcoming book STUCK IN THE STONE AGE by Geoff Rodkey, in which Tom Edison (no relation to that Thomas Edison) and Dr. Marissa Morice return home from a wild adventure in the Stone Age only to discover their time machine has made an unexpected detour. A loud zap, a flash of light, and Tom and Marissa appear on stage. To fix their machine and return to their own time, they will need the help and creativity of kids in the audience.

Story Pirates is a nationally respected education and media organization celebrating the words and ideas of young people. Story Pirates turn kids original stories into wild sketch comedy musicals featuring professional actors showing those kids just how amazing their ideas are. From its permanent branches in Los Angeles and New York, Story Pirates has reached over 200,000 kids since 2005, performing in over 350 venues, including two Presidential Inaugurations all the while receiving over 100,000 kid’s stories.

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