Wild Up: Future Folk

Wild Up is a modern music collective; an adventurous chamber orchestra; a group of Los Angeles-based musicians committed to creating visceral, thought-provoking happenings. Their programs are eclectic studies of people, places, and ideas. The group believes that music is a catalyst for shared experiences, and that the concert venue is a place for challenging, exciting, and igniting the community around us.

With “Future Folk” Wild Up creates a communal concert of sound/noise/experience that celebrates old-world ways of living in the modern era. Together we will explore the music from Ancient India, modern California, post-war New York, and from American composers that envision a future form of music rooted in folk ethos. As moderns, we stand on the shoulders of the ancients. Their music changes us. Compels us to make and unites us in being. In future folk, we become one.

Program [Subject to change]
ART JARVINEN: Endless Bummer
MOONDOG: My Tiny Butterfly
JULIUS EASTMAN: Stay On It arr. Rountree & Kallmyer
FREDERIC RZEWSKI: Coming Together – Attica
TOM JOHNSON: Naryana’s Cows
SCRIABIN: Mysterium

Tickets: $47.50 / $37.50 / $27.50

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