Top Reasons New Home Decor Is the Perfect Mother’s Day Present

Choosing a gift for Mother’s Day is often stressful. Your mom has “everything” and says she wants nothing, yet you can’t let the day go by without giving her at least a token of your love and appreciation. Here’s a thoughtful idea: Because personally decorated spaces make a house feel like a home, this Mother’s Day treat your mom to home decor that complements her style. She’ll enjoy it all year long—and remind her why you’ve always been her favorite.

Make an Entrance

When your mom enters her home, imagine if she immediately sees something that makes her happy. Flowers always add beauty to an entryway, but rather than relying on a basic vase, find a unique vessel that appeals to your mom’s personal style and fill it with seasonal flowers and foliage. Also, you might want to add beautifully framed words that speak to her heart or a family portrait to welcome her every day.

Here’s the Update

Give your mom’s vintage treasures new life by updating the pieces around them. Her home probably has sentimental and impressive treasures, such as antique sterling serving trays, a colorful collection of Pyrex, or mid-century furniture. These pieces can be lost in a home that has too many quirky or dated items. Contemporary additions—perhaps a chic modernist lamp shade with LED bulbs or geometric-shaped wall mirror—will balance the look. Help her home look freshly decorated and properly reflecting her personality.

Focus on Her

If you and your siblings are all grown up and out of the home, she is probably discovering new hobbies or rediscovering old favorites. Help her showcase her new passions, and a few she didn’t have time for when you were growing up, as focal points in any room. Then, add functional storage pieces for her supplies. These can be pretty and fit in with a room, such as knitting bowls in the living room, fancy frames for her paintings from a new art class, or contemporary shelves or display cases to display treasures she picked up on her new global travels. If she uses your old bedroom for an art studio, she would be thrilled to find it outfitted with a fun organizational system for pencils, brushes and other art supplies.

Home decor makes a great gift for Mother’s Day. Modern updates show that you care about her happiness, lifestyle, and home.

About the author: Stephanie Sylvester is an editor for Modernize.

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