4 Easy Steps to a Good Brow Tint

A bad brow tint. It’s eye-opening to put yourself in the beauty chair of a salon you don’t really know, full of hope and optimism fueled by your research of timely articles and blog posts proclaiming the importance of a good brow, only to sit up and see the tint job went all wrong. Not exactly unibrow wrong, but so dark that you suddenly feel like a critical eagle, eyeing everyone’s move with disdain. “I swear, I’m not angry—my brows are just too dark.” (We’re not saying this was a personal experience, but we’re also not not saying it was.)

So, immediately, you’re likely to dive deep into the Google pool for help. The best advice we surfaced with was what we already knew: Relax, it fades—in time. Also, remove excess dye on your skin and try a clarifying shampoo (which we love this time of year for our hair anyway). We also sourced a recipe that involves baking soda, which had us raising a skeptical eyebrow (it was really dramatic with that super-dark brow, we have to admit). But if you’re like us, you’ll decide against futzing at home with remedies that might make things worse. Better to have dark brows than potentially none at all.

Play it safe by turning to someone you trust with all things hair and beauty. We headed straight to Christopher Noland Salon on Greenwich Avenue for advice. “If you are unhappy with the color,” said brow expert Zuzana, “let the esthetician know right away.” Discuss your options right there and then.

Of course, the best course is to just get a good brow tint. Zuzana shared these tips for shape, color and fullness that flatters, not frightens.

  1. Always make sure you have a thorough consultation.
  1. With your esthetician, make sure you go over all of the color options available.
  1. Make sure you understand what the esthetician is explaining about the final outcome.
  1. Understand how the chosen color will work with your skin tone.

Take these steps and you’ll be walking out of the salon looking your best.

If you’re not ready for a tint, opt for cosmetics. Heading into fall, major cosmetic companies have plenty of innovative brow gels, waxes, powders and pencils in a variety of colors and a slew of advice tips about the “it” arch shape. A makeup artist can help you pick the right shade and shape and show you the best techniques.

See more at Christopher Noland Salon, 124 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich; 203-622-HAIR; cnpsalon.com




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