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There’s a new way to get packages, documents, food, gifts and more delivered from Point A to Point B. It’s called Point Pickup, a hyper-local, same-day delivery service developed by Greenwich’s Tom Fiorita, a former hedge funder who also has a background in logistics. Like Uber for delivery services, Point Pickup uses an app to match people and businesses who need same-day pickup and drop-off of items with drivers in the area.

Tom conceived of the business after he experienced the inconsistent pricing offered by some couriers and also simply by observing traffic. (Point Pickup pricing is straightforward—$10 for the first three miles and $1.50 for each mile thereafter.) “One day I was driving on the Post Road and everyone was in their cars. I thought, Everybody should be getting paid right now,” he recalls. “There’s no reason why we can’t build technology to put together people who have space in their car with people who need to get stuff done,” he says. Point Pickup has 350 “pickup partners,” as drivers are known, covering a territory that began as Larchmont to Westport but has extended to the Bronx and other nearby areas.

Those who drive for Point Pickup undergo a background check. Once active, they can decide when and where they want to accept jobs, whether one morning a week within a five-mile radius of home or any other convenient times. The app uses ‘ring-fencing’ technology to determine which jobs meet each driver’s geographic criteria. It also lets people specify the type of items they’re willing to deliver (documents only or no food, etc.), and the people requesting the pickup can include specific instructions (such as “leave on the front porch”). Deliveries are insured for $500, with plans for additional add-on insurance.


Need someone to fetch your dry cleaning? Left your coat at the gym? Maybe you want to have a care package delivered to someone at the hospital but can’t make the trip in person. This app gives you assistance with simple errands.

Suppose you want dog food picked up from the vet or you’re craving cannolis from your favorite bakery; call in the order and a driver will bring the goods to you, says Tom, who hopes the model will encourage local shopping.

When real estate firms need to send documents to clients, or law firms and other companies have important papers to deliver, they can send packages via Point Pickup. Having a job done at Staples or another local copy shop? You can easily get the package picked up and delivered.

One unusual Point Pickup job originated in Ukraine with a man who wanted to send a birthday gift to his client’s young child. He was able to purchase a giant teddy bear over the phone through Smart Kids and have it delivered that afternoon.

Tom will be rolling out point pickup in other markets soon, with the western Boston suburbs next on the list.


that will free you of your to-do list at pointpickup.com



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