Arrival of the Fittest

Photograph by Tyler Sizemore
Above: Aimee Early and Emily Joslin

When Aimee Early and Emily Joslin moved to town—from San Francisco and New York—they both missed the exercise classes they loved in their former cities. So the friends decided to partner on building a wellness community called The Well Edited, bringing to Greenwich hot names such as workout guru Taryn Toomey and her yoga-cardio-strength workout, The Class (Naomi Watts and Christy Turlington are fans).

“We wanted to make things more available. The Class, AKT, Tracy Anderson and other big outfits in the city want a presence out here,” says Aimee. However, she adds, rents are expensive and many Greenwich moms prefer to work out between 8 and 11 a.m., which may not justify the financial commitment of purchasing a gym or studio. Instead, Aimee and Emily have been renting space part-time from Allegra Dance and The Stanwich Club to hold classes by these fitness masters, with weekly schedules sent out via email to those who join the group.

On a recent snowy morning, the fitness space at The Stanwich Club was full with ladies (and one guy) who had come for The Class, running through what seemed like an endless loop of burpees, jumping jacks, planks and other moves with some poses, affirmations and even a little therapy from the teacher. A hypnotic mix of music helps you tough it out, and shouting or screaming as a release is encouraged, but, Aimee noted, “we’re a bit quieter in Greenwich.”

There are exciting new things happening with The Well Edited, as Emily and Aimee expand on the current schedule: The Class on Monday and Wednesday, AKT (dance-cardio class from the celeb trainer to Kelly Ripa and Shakira) on Tuesday and Thursday and modelFit on Fridays. Aimee says, “Our ultimate goal is to start a health and wellness center with everything from exercise to products to workout wear, the best of the best of the health world.”


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