February 2017


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Billionaire Boys’ Club

Brian Koppelman and David Levien make it big with Billions—the Showtime smash that hits close to home in more ways than one

The Heart of the Story

In our fast-paced, 140-character world, pr executive Aedhmar Hynes embraces the art of storytelling for the sake of technology. Counterintuitive to some. Just another day at the office for her

Mission Possible

From pushing an injured exec around in a wheelchair at the Barcelona Olympic games to running the whole show today, Jim Bell proves that brains and brawn (and calm) do indeed pay off


Editor’s Letter

From the Founders
Inspiring Lives Fill a Vacuum
By Jack Moffly

Status Report
Buzz: Global Citizens Initiative: Teaching kids about the bigger picture
Shop: Suitsupply; Roundabout; Valentine’s Day gifts—from gorgeous and glam to sweet and sexy
Go: Ski Colorado
Home: Interieurs
Do: HomeCare: Offering compassion and care during life’s difficult journeys
Eat: Table 104

Beyond Mommy and Me: Unique and fun ways to bond with your kids

People & Places
Breast Cancer Alliance; Americares; Greenwich United Way; Abilis; Garden Club of America; Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation; Greenwich Riding and Trails; Women’s Business Development Council

Dunnan–Daddino; Brindak–Blake; Spyrou–Leahy


Index of Advertisers

Kicking back by the fire