May 2017


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The Bold & the Beautiful

Color and style characterize the chic home of a young family living in Milbrook

A Moment in Time

Whether retro-chic or old-world glam, these five properties (all within a five-hour drive) will transport you back to a bygone era

GTP 365

We all know that the Greenwich Town Party brings major headliners to our little neck of the woods for one loud, fun, festive day. But what you may not know is that during the other 364 days, its members quietly focus on ways to give back to the town that it celebrates every Memorial Day weekend


Editor’s Letter

From the Founders
Chris Murphy: A Rare Politician
By Jack Moffly

Status Report
Buzz: Golden Age Grand Dame:Nola Larkin; Venture capitalist Tracy Chadwell on harnessing the power of women
Go: Ocean House Collection; Cadillac CT6
Home: Curry & Kingston; Green Glory: Accents for your home
Do: ESPN’s Connor Schell; Hidden heart danger
Eat: Local entrepreneurs find the sweet side of healthy eating; By the Way Bakery and Paleo Pops

Unique and personalized gifts for the grads in your life.

Finance Fix
Insurance 411


People & Places
Kids in Crisis; Pathways; Bruce Museum, Art of Design; YWCA, BRAVA Awards; Whitby School;
Clay Arts Center; Avon Theatre; Greenwich Chamber of Commerce


Index of Advertisers

Bring on the bouquets