October 2017


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And the Eat Goes On…
By Mary Kate Hogan
Buzzworthy new hot spots, a Harbor Point roundup, the best seafood dives New England has to offer, the most potent drinks and decadent desserts—it’s all right here in our annual Food Guide. Dig in!

Leaps & Bounds
By Anne W. Semmes
Poise and talent has literally taken Aidan Buss to new heights. As the youngest American at London’s Royal Ballet School, the fi fteen-year-old is well on his way to center stage.

Game On
By Tom Renner
Fairfi eld County is a hotbed of national champions, top-ranked sports programs and elite coaches—making it fertile ground for college recruiters. Here, the experts offer up advice for budding star athletes.


Editor’s Letter

From the Founders
Of Food and Lessons Learned
By Donna Moffly

Status Report
Buzz: Nathalie Gimon Farman-Farma and Décors-Barbares; Jane Condon and the Greenwich United Way
Shop: Fashion Think Pink: Shop to battle breast cancer; Henry’s; Temple St. Clair
Go: Travel Advisory: Know before you go
Home: Gilles Clement Gallery & Gilles Clement Designs; Putnam & Mason
Do: The Undies Project
Eat: Cotto Wine Bar

Care packages don’t have to be just for the kids. Fun ideas for a packing party.

People & Places
Greenwich Hospital Under the Stars; CT Against Gun Violence; Breast Cancer Alliance Golf Outing; Brunswick School Fashion Show; At Home in Greenwich; Family Centers Friday Night Fever; SoundWaters; Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance; Barclay Fryery Celebration

Bartlett–Matthews; Maloney–Corbin


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