Building a Legacy

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Above: A Cornerstone-built pool house

George Pusser

Cornerstone Contracting is hitting a major milestone this fall—the Cos Cob-based company will be marking twenty-five years in business this November. It all began when owner and president George Pusser, who was a builder in Texas for eight years before moving to the Northeast, formed Cornerstone in 1992. In the two-plus decades since, the award-winning firm has become known for constructing elegant and sophisticated custom homes and consistently exceeding client expectations by successfully adapting to the ever-changing building industry. Staying up-to-date with the latest home technology and building materials and promoting an environment of true collaboration have been keys to Cornerstone’s success. “Our clients have the same goal we do—to build a home that they will be living in, most of the time for many years, and raising a family in,” Pusser says. “We like when clients are more involved instead of less. It makes the process better.”

Having completed over ninety-three projects since its founding, Cornerstone takes on five to six projects at a time, and the work can range from commissions in the city to contemporary and traditional residences to office buildings to compounds with multiple structures. “Our projects have been every kind, shape and form, and designed by many different architects,” Pusser says.

This home is just one example of Cornerstone’s impressive portfolio of work.

With more than forty employees and a team of fifteen managers, the firm offers pre-construction services, general contracting and construction management, and an inclusive team approach is essential, especially since most projects take multiple years to complete. “What sets us apart is the way we structure our projects,” Pusser says. “If the team members—the clients, architects, designers, engineers, Cornerstone—have the same goals and mindset, that’s the most advantageous for everyone involved.”

When reflecting back on the firm’s history, loyalty emerges as a common theme. “Our average employee has been with us for fifteen years, and I’ve worked with most of our clients throughout the twenty-five years,” Pusser says. “For projects I did in 1992, I’ve been back two or three times to renovate baths, kitchens, additions, landscaping and pools. We maintain properties in some capacity after they’re finished.”

Cornerstone’s longevity in an ever-evolving field is impressive. “Adapting to the different types of building and to technology that’s constantly changing have been real challenges, but very interesting ones.”

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