Chop to It!

Some food is so universally, enduringly addictive that it doesn’t need to be changed. Chinese food tops the list. Yet, every now and then, a restaurant comes along that spies the slender path to a better way. And so, Greenwich welcomes WUJI Restaurant.

Here you’ll find a unique mix: part Chinese noodle house, part dim sum restaurant and part tapas bar, with the authentic food prepared in both traditional and modern styles by Southeast Asian trained chefs.

Appealing to today’s taste, dishes here are prepared only with fresh, locally sourced meat—organic chicken, pasture-raised pork, grass-fed beef—as well as wild-caught fish, cage-free chicken eggs, and organic vegetables. No MSG. Chinese menu favorites available at all WUJI locations include vegetable spring rolls with sweet chili dipping sauce; organic Heritage pork spare ribs with honey-plum glaze; lo mein noodles stir-fried with vegetables and sesame ginger sauce; tangerine beef with Shanghai bok choy; Cantonese roast chicken with crispy garlic and shallots; and spicy fried rice topped with a soft egg. Beverages include Asian beers, cold sake, wine, tiki cocktails prepared with top-shelf spirits, organic house-made soda, herbal ice tea, and blossoming flower hot tea. In short, grab a napkin and decide if you’re willing to share your food with your friends around the table.

WUJI signifies “singularity of the universe,” so the walls are lined with gorgeous prints of Buddha statues that were photographed in a studio in Hollywood. Not easy, because of their size and weight; one tops out at nearly 3,000 pounds.

Created and owned by MAAC Hospitality Group, WUJI first opened in Scarsdale, expanded into Rye this past December, and a Greenwich location opening soon. More are planned—Westport, Larchmont and Stamford—for later in 2016.

Take-out? You bet! Your dinner arrives via custom-designed bikes. 68 E Putnam Ave, Greenwich;

Photographs by Tom McGovern


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