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Veggie-based diets and juicing have become a way of life for many people, and Juice
Press on Greenwich Avenue is the newest spot in town catering to the healthy-eating crowd. The cold-pressed juice and superfood smoothies served here are not your garden-variety green drinks: They’re made with raw, organic ingredients and not pasteurized, so they must be consumed within two to four days. They’re also pricey at $10.99 a bottle for eight of the veggie and fruit-and-veggie blends.

The new Greenwich Avenue shop has an understated interior with a herringbone marble floor and wood accents, putting the emphasis on the extensive selection of drinks, salads, soups and snacks in store. You can have smoothies and juices made to order (with fifty options for smoothie add-in boosters, from acai berry to whole kale as well as vegan probiotics), but the huge refrigerated cases also stock lots of bottled juices, packaged salads and other ready-made items. There’s no place to sit in this location—these are meals for people on-the-go.

What to order? The most popular smoothie is the “Fountain of Youth,” a blend of coconut water, berries, banana, coconut oil, agave nectar and hemp protein, with the “Clean Green Protein” a close second. The marketing shows a sense of humor, refreshing in the sometimes-sanctimonious world of modern nutrition. For instance, the iced coffee drink is called “Harvey Wallbanger with the Works,” another blend is “Peaching to the Choir.” Calorie counts are noted for every item and some are surprisingly high, making it clear how a drink can be a meal substitute.

Cleanses, aka juice fasting, is big here too. “It’s hard to believe that there are still some people who think the earth is flat and that juice fasting is a fad,” says Marcus Antebi, Juice Press owner. The variety of cleanses include the original, the alternate (with more calories), half-day cleanse, raw oatmeal and juice cleanse and even the “yoga for bad people,” which includes a coffee-almond milk latte and a salad along with the juices.


  • Drink lots of filtered water
  • Take a break from exercise
  • Ease into your cleanse by spending a day eating only fruits, veggies and nuts
  • Consider going for a colonic, getting a massage and sitting in a sauna
  • End the cleanse with a day of fruit and salad only to extend the benefits and give your body time to adjust to a whole-food diet

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