Fall Nesting

The best design involves clever editing. “People seem to be shedding a lot of things they had,” says designer Amy Aidinis Hirsch. “Everything we do is purposeful, it’s about how people live their lives. The most beautiful rooms have exactly the right key components.” As she’s creating custom interiors, she identifies those all-important pieces (the perfect bed or the ultimate sectional), helps clients part with what they no longer need and hunts for what’s distinctive, often finding new ways to use a piece. In planning a bedroom recently, she opted for hanging pendants over the night tables instead of lamps. “We’re constantly playing with finishes and textures. It’s important to me that our houses don’t resemble somebody else’s.” Amy’s currently working on several homes in Greenwich—“all so different, beautifully crafted, great architects and builders.” Her projects embody all seasons, but here she shares ideas to refresh for fall.

1. Fabric Update
As we transition into the cooler months, something as simple as bringing in new textiles— going from a linen throw to a wool blanket—can make a difference. “I’m a big alpaca girl,” says Amy. “Sandra Jordan (through Holland and Sherry) makes the most luscious alpaca wool fabrics and blankets.” This could also mean trading in pillows in textures or colors that evoke the season.

2. Change Your Art
There’s no rule that once you place a piece of art in a particular area that it’s stuck there. “Don’t be afraid to move things around,” says Amy, who recommends rotating art to change the look of rooms. You can also acquire inexpensive art through Etsy or other online sources. “In the summer a big poppy print or beach scene; in the winter it could be something else,” she says.

3. Warm Up to Color
“What I’m craving now, because I’m so over the gray phase, is saturated color, persimmon and poppy and plum and inky blue colors. I want to see some warmth.” Many people opt for safer palettes in their interiors, such as gray and white, but she says you can use accents of plum or eggplant or contrast those tones with chartreuse and orange to make the room come alive.

4. Plant Beauty
Flowers are a simple way to reflect the season and change the hues in a room. “I love saturated rust tones for September and October, or berries and freesia in winter. The mix is a very textural thing for me,” she says.

5. Extend the Season
“Just because it’s a little nippy out doesn’t mean you have to close up everything outside,” Amy says. “Make the most of your exteriors and patios.” The Hirsch family likes to be outdoors until late October with a fire pit and heaters, having friends over for casual dinners. Her husband cooks, but they’re also partial to ordering Aux Delices or, for a party, having a pizza truck come to the house. They use a big table-style fire pit (from Hayneedle) that they can serve on first and then light the fire later. “Our purpose is to enjoy the people we’re with.”



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