Oh, The Places We’ll Go!

Last fall the Greenwich Historical Society put out a call to local schoolchildren, asking for their thoughts on what the state of Greenwich would be in fifty years. The question was prompted by the creation of a time capsule, dubbed Elizabeth in honor of our town’s founder Elizabeth Feake. The capsule was installed in a wall on the campus of the Historical Society, which is currently undergoing a major renovation.

All of the submitted entries were included for the residents of 2067 to read when the capsule will be opened. (There was a strong consensus among entrants that cars will fly, robots will rule the world and, interestingly enough, several little people believe dinosaurs will make a comeback.) Among other items included were a Greenwich Town Party magnet, Greenwich High School varsity uniform, menus from local restaurants and the November issue of GREENWICH magazine, featuring our outstanding Light a Fire honorees.

Here are a few of the entries that, for various reasons, made us smile.

The Demise of the Port-o-Potty

11 years old
Western Middle School

I think that each middle school will have more than 13,000 kids/students. Cars that cost $2 and gas that costs 2 cents. Wouldn’t that be nice? When you go to work, you will only get like $600. But what if you could get a paycheck of $1,000,000? There will be an iPhone 25+. Don Palmer will be the boss of every single Boys & Girls Club for the rest of his life! Don’t you wish getting your homework done by a robot could be possible? Well it can. How about that! We could plant babies! Port-o-potties will be extinct! Because they’re disgusting. Instead of ordering clothes, why not just say the name and they will drop on your head! Also the new iPhone will be on your eye! Dinosaurs will come back to live.

A Logical Approach

12 years old
Western Middle School

I believe that the town of Greenwich will have some of the same buildings such as town hall and some homes. But there will also be new buildings such as new homes, new businesses and more. We will have logically advanced as a community. There will be a new school system that gives students hands-on learning experiences to help them form the future of Greenwich. We will also keep our title as safest town in the United States by creating more safe spaces for kids and teens such as Arch Street, the Boys & Girls Club and after-school clubs.

Some Big Words

10 years old
Parkway School

I think that many things in Greenwich will be different but some will always stay the same. I believe that computers will do a lot more, such as driving cars, cooking food, and even doing complicated, dangerous things like performing surgery or going to space. Augmented reality will be a bigger part of life, with restaurants posting menus you can see just by looking at their front doors, and people will be posting profiles about themselves that you can see just by looking at them. However, I believe that some things will always stay the same. I bet that kids will still go on field trips to the Bush-Holley House, and they will still play in the tide pools of Tod’s Point. Greenwich will be different, but the heart of our fun, educational and historic town will always be preserved.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

11 years old
Western Middle School

In 50 years will they have changed anything financially or politically in the U.S.A? Will schools have greater technology? Will paper still be used or will it all be digital? Will they change the process of how buildings are built? Will the news channel still be used or will it be changed into a whole other way of television? Is Google search still used daily? Will we get more holidays off from school? Will there be a new holiday? Will there be a new huge kind of technology invented that will sweep the nation? Will there be a new planet, continent, country, state, town, etc.? Is food still going to look the same? Will people recycle more? Will we use less gas, will everything be electric? Less people will have cancers, be blind, deaf or have any illnesses. Less people will do harmful things to themselves like smoke or drive drunk. Will sports be the same?

Short and to the Point

10 years old
Brunswick School

Future Citizens of Greenwich I am Whit Armstrong and I do not want people to be all lazy and have robots do all of the things. Humans have a purpose! If I actually need to remind you. I’m 10 and in 5th grade.

Magical Future

5 years old
Greenwich Country Day School

And this five-year-old just wants some unicorns.



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