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We make time for regular manicures and blow-outs, but what about our faces? If you’re the type who only schedules facials when you’re on vacation or as a spa-day luxury, GLOsquad offers a time-saving alternative. This new “skin lounge” founded by Greenwich residents Shawna Hamilton Doster and Michelle Baizer Cooper provides skin-enhancing treatments that are affordable and convenient—most take thirty minutes or less—encouraging people to take care of their skin more regularly. Their simplified skin-care treatments make use of probiotic ingredients, which can repair skin and boost collagen production without causing trauma to the skin like chemical peels and laser treatments do. The topical probiotics used and sold at GLOsquad are the MyBody line, created by the founder of Philosophy skin care, with different products to target a variety of skin issues, from age spots and hyperpigmentation to fine lines, wrinkles and dryness. You can book appointments quickly through the new GLOsquad app and once you’re there, relax with a little music under dimmed lights.Before you know it, you’re back on the street looking refreshed. Coming soon: an annual membership that will entitle you to unlimited visits. Here, a few services to try.

A true quick fix, the GLOandGO treatment takes fifteen minutes. Your skin is treated with a blend of glycolic ingredients that cleanse and remove dull skin to brighten, tighten, lighten and hydrate. $50

Treatments geared to younger skin, the half-hour GLOtween and GLOteen facials include cleansing, toning and light extractions plus moisturizing and SPF. An aesthetician teaches girls the basics of skin care, and they go home with a starter skin-care kit that includes acne spot treatment if needed.
$36 to $52

In thirty minutes, indulge in this volumizing treatment that relies on topical probiotics (yes, they belong in places other than your food) to stimulate collegen production, followed by the GLOmask for maximum results. $150

Add-ons and extra services are available, including facial and body waxing, brow shaping and cleanups (tweezing and trimming or waxing are available), extractions with steam and moisturizing, and a special luxurious five-minute lip facial.

95 East Putnam Avenue, 203-340-0790;



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