Getting Through Together


Two years ago we gathered five local female entrepreneurs to discuss what it took to navigate the difficult world of brick-and-mortar small business. Writer Jamie Marshall eloquently wrote in her intro, “Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, these small business owners offer something Amazon can’t—a human connection—reminding us that, at its core, shopping is still very much a social experience to savor.”

Those words have never been more true than in today’s world. We recently asked those same women to share with us hopeful stories, acts of empathy that they experienced during their businesses’ darkest hours. And we are thrilled to report each of them had a story that illustrates the deep roots of our community’s sense of humanity.

Flavia Barker

311 Hamilton Avenue

“The current crisis has opened my eyes to how caring this community can be toward its local businesses. PEOPLE ARE BUYING GIFT CARDS FOR THEMSELVES AND BEING PRESENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA REMINDING ALL TO SUPPORT LOCAL SMALL BUSINESSES. This shows me how our community will only come out stronger in the end.”

Marietta Contadino
436 East Putnam Avenue

“During these uncertain times, we are all striving to help each other. Clients are coming in to pick up their wardrobes and are leaving me deposits for their next orders. ONE OF MY CLIENTS, A BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR, ASKED IF IT WAS POSSIBLE TO MAKE HER A SPRING PINK JACKET BEFORE THE MANDATORY CLOSURE OF BUSINESSES. As a working mother running my own business, the new norm—stay home, stay safe—gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with my son and family. I’m hopeful that during this time, we all have the opportunity to be reflective and count our blessings.”

Lisa Lori
47 Arch Street

“I had been following the news from California, where I now live, and knew Greenwich would soon be sheltering in place. Still, that first week was shocking and abrupt. I cried when I knew I would only need a skeleton staff. IMAGINE HOW GRATEFUL WE WERE WHEN A CLIENT CALLED TO ORDER MULTIPLE MEALS FOR FIRST RESPONDERS. THE ROSE FAMILY AND THE CARRINGTON COMPANIES SPONSORED MORE THAN 120 MEALS FOR THE COMMUNITY AND THAT INSPIRED OTHERS TO STEP FORWARD. It was beautiful and incredible. That gesture helped us pay our kitchen workers. It has touched us all.”

Sonia Malloy
39 Lewis Street

“We’ve been overwhelmed with kindness and generosity from our loyal customers. THEY HAVE ORDERED GIFTS AND GIFT CERTIFICATES TO USE IN THE FUTURE AND ALSO HAVE BOUGHT ITEMS TO DONATE TO LOCAL FAMILIES IN NEED. I AM SO GRATEFUL TO BE A PART OF THIS WONDERFUL COMMUNITY AND AM HOPEFUL THAT WE WILL COME THROUGH THIS STRONGER. On a personal note, I am encouraged by the way families are coming together and sharing quality time. I hope this “old fashioned” togetherness will continue once life is back to ‘business as usual.’ We only get one life, and sharing it with family and friends is the best part.”

Ashley McCormick
409 Greenwich Avenue

“I think this time at home and a slower pace have made us all appreciative of how precious life is and that we need to enjoy each moment a little more fully once life’s pace quickens again. SHELTERING AT HOME HAS CREATED SOME WONDERFUL FAMILY TIME, AND WE’VE REALLY SEEN OUR COMMUNITY AND COUNTRY COME TOGETHER TO SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER. I’ve been blown away by my own team and how we’ve been able to run our business remotely. I’m grateful that we’ve been able to operate online and give back by donating a portion of sales to @citymeals, which delivers meals to the frail and elderly in New York City.”

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