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Of course you’ve heard about the nutritional benefits of kale, quinoa and berries—three superfoods that are having more than their fifteen minutes of fame. We turned to Cai Pandolfino, cofounder of Green & Tonic, for the inside scoop on other superfoods you might not know about—but should. You’ll find these five incorporated into a variety of G&T’s signature smoothies, soups, juices and more.
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“A wonderful source of easily digested protein and almost every nutrient the body needs. It’s especially good for skin and hair, and when locally sourced, combats allergy symptoms.”

“The active ingredient, curcumin, makes turmeric one of the best anti-inflammatory foods around.”

“Mint is a super-herb that calms upset stomachs, suppresses appetites, combats allergy symptoms and stimulates energy. Like all greens, mint has chlorophyll and a variety of vitamins, including an abundance of vitamin A.”

“The blue-green algae is protein-dense and provides energizing B vitamins, iron for blood health, and brain-nourishing omega fatty acids.”

“Dubbed the ‘beauty berry,’ this Amazon rainforest berry is full of antioxidants and essential omega fatty acids, which promote healthy glowing skin.”



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