Honey, Do

Above: Kiernan & Lorig – Photographs: Lacy Kiernan; Bottles by Sasha Studios

Growing up in Greenwich, Mareill Kiernan and Andrew Lorig learned the value of giving back. As the marketing director and managing partner (respectively) at Honeydrop, a new line of cold-pressed juices sweetened with raw local and Manuka honey, they’ve chosen to be part of a company with an important social cause. With the charity initiative, Buy A Bottle—Save A Bee, Honeydrop aims to combat Colony Collapse Disorder by supporting local beekeepers with a donation from a percentage of proceeds. The funds are used to build new hives and run educational and community programs.

The refreshing drinks come in six flavors and are currently on shelves at Citarella, Kings, Fairway and Whole Foods.

The perfect on-the-go snack or tasty way to cleanse
The perfect on-the-go snack or tasty way to cleanse




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