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Now is when we all make major alterations to improve our physical, emotional and professional well-being. Unfortunately, no matter how well-intended we are, we set the bar too high and soon fall back on old habits. So, in the spirit of coming up with achievable goals, here are twenty-five small changes that can impact your every day in a significant way.
Do them all or just do a few. Maybe one of these is just what you need to encourage steady visits to the gym.

01 Get a free library card.

02 Rearrange your furniture.

03 Call your BFF.

04 Subscribe to a newspaper.

05 Clean out your makeup drawer.

06 Practice yoga.

07 Visit a museum.

08 Take mom out for coffee.

09 Make a snowman.

10 Cook a new recipe.

11 Give up sugar.

12 Take naps.

13 Adopt a rescue dog.

14 Test-drive a sports car.

15 Read a novel.

17 Make it a point to always say thank-you.

18 Play a classic board game.

19 Sing in the shower.

20 Indulge in a new fragrance.

21 Take a long walk in a park.

22 Listen to NPR while you commute to work.

23 Ask for a raise.

24 Shop locally.

25 Turn off the TV.

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