Pack It Up

Not all suitcases are created equal. The luggage company Away has perfected the art of the carry-on. Under the handle is a battery-powered charging station with two USB ports, so you’ll never be left searching the gate area for an outlet again. The battery is easily removeable, so it’s TSA compliant. Choose the model with the exterior pocket for easy access to a tablet or anything you’d like to keep handy. The bags are only sold online.

Packing cubes make it easy to see what’s inside without emptying your bag. We like mesh cubes from Magellan’s. Use a cube for each day or type of clothing, roll the contents tightly and they won’t wrinkle. You’ll also be able to fit twice the volume you would without a cube. And it’s easy to stay organized though your trip since instead of rummaging through piles of clothing, you can sort by cube.

Travel tips are passed amongst frequent fliers like horse picks are passed around Belmont. A former NFL sideline reporter learned the secret of the “jacket in a bag” from a NatGeo photographer and shared it with us. It’s a pillow, a jacket, a sweater, a raincoat, the size of a small teddy bear and weighs even less. Just like you never know when you’ll need a swimsuit, you never know when you’ll need a jacket. Visiting Ireland this summer during a heatwave, the jacket was a lifesaver while on an excursion to the caves. It was 80 degrees outside, and only 20 degrees in the caves. The version from Uniqlo is affordable, stylish and the bag zips into the jacket.

We have yet to find a travel toiletry tube that doesn’t explode, spill or refuse to dispense the shampoo we have so carefully dripped into it. The downside of buying travel-size products at the drugstore is that they likely don’t sell your favorite shampoo or face wash. But Europeans do travel amenities right. Nuxe has had a cult following in France for decades; its Huile Prodiguese is the No. 1 seller for hair, face and body. Buy a few—no more rushing around looking for tiny toiletries at the last minute. Check for Nuxe products. also sells great travel sets.

A good scarf is a must-have for every journey. On a chilly plane, it’s a blanket. It can dress up a T-shirt or offer just the right amount of warmth to take a sundress from day to night. Katrina Bischoff, co-owner of Back 40 Mercantile in Old Greenwich, says she never travels without a scarf and loves the Late Sunday Afternoon brand. For every scarf the company sells, it donates a blanket to a child in foster care. Find at Back 40 or online at

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