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Who said bubbly is best saved for an engagement or birthday party? I say you should open that sparkling wine just because dinner’s ready. It can be poured with hors d’oeuvres, takeout or dessert, too. “Sparkling wine goes with anything and everything. It tastes as good with a holiday turkey as it does with pie,” says William Miller, owner of Harry’s Wine & Liquor Market in Fairfield.  To that end, here are some favorites we should all have ready and chilled.  —Elizabeth Keyser





is sparkling wine made in
the Champagne region of France.

is made in other parts of France.

is from Spain.

comes from Italy.


Méthode champenoise
is a slow, second fermentation in the bottle.

(NV) is a blend of grapes
from different vintages.

Wine made from grapes
from one year’s harvest.

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