Power Play

Everything about the Cadillac CT6 says “drive me for a million miles.” It’s that good. With this new model, the brand has come up with an adroit combination of power, refinement and elan. It scores on the high-tech filigrees demanded on the upper end, and succeeds as a driver’s car.

Cadillac has been searching for the same success in its sedans that it has long enjoyed with its princely Escalades. Accordingly, they hired Audi CEO Johan de Nysschen and moved Cadillac headquarters to Manhattan. Vying for customers of German cars, Cadillac opted not to give the new CT6 the sheer length of the rival gunboats. It would be positioned, for comparison, between the Mercedes S- and E-class sedans. But thanks to a brilliant use of aluminum, the CT6 is 700 pounds lighter than the bigger Mercedes and still offers real elbow room, particularly in the back where guests will love the limo-like spaciousness. There are luxury SUVs that give nowhere near this sort of passenger comfort.

That relative lightness lets it leap forward on a twisty road. The premium version delivers Magnetic Ride Control shocks that adapt to road imperfections in microseconds (a Cadillac innovation now being borrowed by Ferrari) and active rear-wheel steering to boost swift maneuverability. Sporty drivers might prefer its slightly smaller brother, the CTS. But as someone who loves driving a big, fast sedan, I’d choose the CT6 in a rapid heartbeat.

All-wheel-drive models equipped with a 335-hp V6 can be had in the $60,000 and $70,000 range. Our premium-edition tester with the twin-turbo 404-hp V6 came in at $81,840, providing considerable savings in a market sector where, perhaps, penny-pinching is not first priority. But, still.

The dashboard has all the latest stuff, including the luscious Bose Panaray sound system. If you don’t feel like navigating the dashboard screen, you can just speak up and tell the thing to set your favorite satellite-radio station and then guide you to Starbucks. But you won’t dawdle there. At the helm of this swift-running clipper, you will want to drive many a mile farther down
the road.


Base Price: $67,657
Price as Tested: $81,840
Drivetrain: 404-hp, 3.0-liter turbo V6 w/all-wheel drive
EPA Mileage Ratings: 18/26 mpg



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