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Above: M/Y Grace overview – Cabins: 9 • Decks: 4  • Crew: 9 + 2 Naturalist guides

All yachts are boats, but not all boats are yachts. To be considered a yacht, a boat must be at least thirty-three feet long and used for recreation. But just as a Mercedes C-Class and Mercedes S-Class are both luxury cars, there are yachts and then there are super-yachts. A super-yacht needs to be longer than eighty feet and, well, it’s a safe bet you’ll know one when you see it.

If you’re in the market for a yacht charter, we’re going to assume that fun is at the top of your list. And that means toys. Forget wave runners. Today it’s about giant waterslides, Segways, movie theaters, helicopters, submarines, nightclubs, fully staffed spas and Seabobs (water scooters that you “drive” underwater, giving you the mobility of a dolphin).

Here, we’ve rounded up some over-the-top yachts that will float even the pickiest jet-setter’s proverbial boat.

Grace Kelly c. 1954Photo by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (eBay front back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Grace Kelly c. 1954
Photo by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (eBay front back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
To explore the Galapagos Islands in style, consider a private charter of M/Y Grace, a historic ship that has a rich history. It was used by Grace Kelly for her honeymoon, and is now owned by Quasar Expeditions. Guests not only enjoy the ultimate in luxury onboard, but have the ability to explore the pristine wildlife of the islands with expert guides. The ship sleeps eighteen guests. Rates start at $98,000 per week for private charter.


For those who want a “go anywhere” yacht, consider Legend. With thirteen cabins, nineteen crew and optional helicopter, submarine and snow scooters, there is literally nothing you can’t do. Legend can hold twenty-six guests, and since her hull is an icebreaker, she’s able to explore the more remote areas of the world, such as South America, Antarctica, Greenland, the Norwegian Fjords and the Arctic Circle. Weekly rates start at $484,000. Cost to add sub is $90,000 per week and $275,000 for a helicopter that seats up to five guests.

The Legend’s interior</em
The Legend’s interior

For the party of the century, charter Global. This 220- foot beauty accommodates twelve people and the toy list reads like an oligarch’s Christmas wish list. Available options include a helicopter, submarines, amphibious car, motorcycles, motorized bikes, jet surf, flyboard, Seabobs, kiteboards, windsurfers, dive gear and a decompression chamber. This is all in addition to the game room, deck pool and cinema. Global is based in the Bahamas and charters for a weekly base rate of $150,000.

Night view of the pool aboard The World
Night view of the pool aboard The World

Want to live on a yacht and circle the globe continuously? Consider buying a home aboard The World, the only residential community at sea. Apartments start at $1.7 million and go up to $16 million. Caveat: You must prove a net worth of $10 million to be considered for ownership. Guests spend as long as they want onboard, with the average owner staying three to six months. Since it launched in 2002, the floating city has visited more than 900 ports in more than 140 countries.

An apartment aboard The World
An apartment aboard The World

Looking for a little intrigue? Charter the yacht featured in the 007 movie Casino Royale. At 108 feet, the yacht bearing the movie’s name qualifies as a super-yacht, but is fast enough for a quick getaway topping out at speeds of forty-five knots per hour. It sleeps eight guests in five cabins, is based in Croatia and can be yours for a base rate of $68,390 a week.




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