Setting the Barre

above: Designer Cindy Rinfret with studio owner Cindy Sites; Greenwich Barre Studio – Photograph by Neil Landino Photography

If your New Year’s agenda calls for cultivating a strong core, sculpted arms, abs and legs, and improved flexibility, check out Cindy Sites’ new GREENWICH BARRE STUDIO on Greenwich Avenue. Cindy, who founded the Go Figure chain, is delivering on these resolutions and more in a luxe atmosphere.

A classically trained dancer and fitness pro for decades, Cindy honed her skills by training with Lotte Berk, a dancer credited with developing the barre method. After selling her Go Figure business and moving to Florida when she and her husband became empty nesters, she decided to return to Greenwich to be close to her grandkids and start this new fitness endeavor.

Her challenging-yet-effective workouts follow the original barre method, says Cindy, taking cues from classical ballet, yoga and Pilates. The new spa-like studio, designed by Cindy Rinfret, feels soothing and warm with a comfortable changing room stocked with beauty treats from Acqua di Parma. But don’t be fooled by the plush surroundings: This workout is no walk in the park. Cindy or one of her personally trained instructors will take you through an hour of exercises and stretches, many at the barre, some on the floor and incorporating small weights. Muscles are worked to the point of fatigue—some you never knew you had—and then stretched out. The result for dedicated clients? “An ageless body,” says Cindy, “not just in appearance but in the way you feel.”


1 All ages are represented in classes, and the workout also appeals to those looking to improve their tennis or golf games.

2 Music is played throughout each hour-long class, ranging from pop to R&B to classical. “We stretch to soothing, spa-like music,” says Cindy. “For intense thigh work, we need a great beat to get us through.”

3 Improved posture is key. “We have to do something to correct all of the slouching from using laptops and electronic devices and driving,” she says. “If you take a class and only improve your posture, you’ve made progress.” Each class ends with clients lining up to hang on the Stall Bar, a wooden ladder-like device that helps relieve tension in the neck, shoulders and spine.

4 The studio is open seven days a week. You can take single classes or opt for the new client special, $125 a month for unlimited classes. Ten- and twenty-class packages are also available.

5 Three sessions per week are recommended for optimum results. “Some first-timers come four to five times, because they’re so excited about the changes they’re seeing,” says Cindy.

109 Greenwich Avenue, 203-900-1400;

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