The Aesthetics of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the most demanding disciplines in medicine – it’s a profession that combines the discipline and precision of a surgeon with the eye of a sculptor. We recently sat down with Dr. Joseph O’Connell in his beautiful Westport office to ask him what a smart consumer should know about getting safe, beautiful and effective plastic surgery.

Q: Why is it important to have a board certified plastic surgeon perform cosmetic procedures?

A plastic surgeon has completed four years of medical school and six to eight years of additional residency training plus a comprehensive series of written and oral examinations. It’s important to understand that even a noninvasive treatment like Botox is still a medical procedure. We’re physicians first and before performing any treatment it’s important to ask about a patient’s overall health, allergies and medication use – it’s always safety first. It’s best to look for physicians who are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Q. What are the other advantages of visiting a plastic surgeon for noninvasive medical procedures?

Thanks to 30 years of private practice, I’ve learned the best ways to achieve a natural, balanced, healthy appearance. I work with my patients to make a long-term plan that takes into consideration how the aging process has affected their appearance. We talk about what type of changes our patients desire. Today our typical plan includes both surgical and non-invasive options. Often we give our patients an alternative plan – one without any surgery whatsoever. We’re finding that this can achieve many of our aesthetic goals and push surgery down the road a bit with faster recoveries, less risk and significantly lower cost.

Q. What kind of procedures do you do?

As “your noninvasive and surgical resource” as a fully trained plastic surgeon I’m able to offer the full spectrum of aesthetic services for the face and body. We’re fortunate to have more than three decades of experience with procedures like fillers and Botox plus the latest non-invasive technology. We’re different because, when the time comes when surgery is the best option, we can offer that. We’re not going to create an artificial look by overdoing things like fillers and we’re not going to suggest things that won’t achieve our patient’s goals. Among the things we offer are:

  • Nefertiti Lift: A minimally invasive neck lift accomplished with Botox.
  • Radio Frequency: Akin to lasers, radio increases collagen to rejuvenate and tighten skin.
  • Botox and Fillers: We use only legitimate FDA-approved products. All injections are personally performed by Dr. O’Connell.
  • FRAXEL Dual: The state-of-the-art correction for sun damage and discoloration.
  • PRP: Exciting new choice for collagen building and facial rejuvenation.

Q. What is your philosophy about the work you do?

As the saying goes, “plastic surgery should whisper, not scream.” I was taught at Cornell that when it comes to plastic surgery, less is always more. I love it when my patients tell me that other people mention that they look great but aren’t sure why. I think overly pulled facelifts look odd and I dislike shiny foreheads that don’t move – it’s about light and shadow, it has to be harmonious and it has to be subtle.

The Aesthetic Center of Connecticut
208 Post Road West, Westport, CT

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