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Recently, we sat down with Jordan Scott, president and owner of Glengate Company in Wilton. Glengate has been creating and caring for the area’s finest properties, gardens and pools for fifty years in Fairfield and Westchester counties. We spoke with Scott about the secret to his company’s longevity in the competitive Gold Coast market, and how Glengate has innovated with the times.

Fifty years. Countless magazine spreads and awards. Thousands of customers. What has allowed you to experience that kind of longevity and stature in the industry?

Artistry of design and passion for service is in our DNA. For over 50 years; through four generations. We provide almost our entire range of services with in-house staff; that gives us complete control over quality, budgets and schedules.

I personally hate disappointing, so we do not rest until the homeowner is thrilled.

Our range of services is broad and deep for everything that happens in an outdoor environment. We provide complete ownership of all the moving parts of a project or a service.

We provide our clients the luxury of ‘their time’ and ‘peace of mind,’ which means they can truly enjoy their outdoor patios, gardens and pools. We love what we do. And we appreciate the trust our clients place in us. When clients are thrilled, we know we have delivered exactly what they want.

I like to interview all the people who join our firm­ — for their attitude and beliefs. To assure that they are in rhythm with mine and our clients’.

How have you innovated to keep current?

Glengate is synonymous with innovation — innovators in our industry, both for service delivery and installations. Over the years, we’ve been proud of our ‘firsts’ —first to bring together landscape and pool architecture with in-house building, and first to create the role of Property Care Manager for each client with ongoing services. We are innovators in swimming pool technology and reduced chemical pools. We’re the first builder in the USA to create a disappearing-edge pool. There is clearly pride in being first; there is even more pride in doing it better.

Property management and garden design and care are your specialties. This involves a good deal of planning. What is the advantage of laying out a plan and doing projects in phases?

Any beautiful property or garden starts with a vision. I find that most homeowners know what they like but don’t know how to go about achieving a beautiful outcome.

Too often we see properties that are a hodgepodge of different ideas. Other times, a garden design was originally well-planned but has become hidden by overgrowth and lack of care. Maybe even a combination of both. A vision can be achieved over time, or all at once. But what is most important is having a guiding vision and a plan. This guides the ongoing maintenance and pruning teams to follow, as well as future enhancements or installations. This vision takes into account how you want to enjoy your property. Without a vision to guide the evolution, the garden never achieves potential. That means that good dollars, good labor hours and good intentions are misdirected.

Some people want instant gratification — that’s when it makes sense to install a garden all at once. Others enjoy the journey — learning over time what they like, where to do a little more, where to do a little less, where plants are the solution, where open space is the solution. Most important is an ongoing engagement between the garden designer and homeowner to avoid missteps. 

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