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There is a world outside of sweatpants (we promise) where dressing up still exists. And for those looking for the true bespoke suit experience, menswear designer Eva Moyé is as good as it gets. A Florida native who now calls Greenwich home, Eva brings a decade of experience in luxury apparel to her company Moyeva. Celebrity clients and professional athletes seek out her work when they want exceptional quality and a custom fit. She’s even lent her tailoring skills to creating masks (with merino wool and Egyptian cotton) that coordinate with her looks.

We spoke with Eva about the inspiration behind her brand and the work that goes into crafting the ultimate power suit.

The designer shows off some of her pieces on Greenwich Avenue – Portrait by Bob Capazzo

What got you interested in designing men’s clothes?
I was inspired by my father and his personal style and wardrobe. As a child waiting to be dropped off at school, I would notice how my dad’s pants moved as he walked. I noticed that most other dads at my elementary school didn’t have the same fine tailored look, and it made an impression on me. He always invested in his appearance, and I think it had an overall impact on his success.

I first studied high-end women’s clothing design [haute couture] in Los Angeles, but after graduating from school I landed an opportunity to work for a menswear designer in Florida, my home state. This is where I fell in love again with menswear and decided to pursue that direction.

Why is a custom suit so important?
When a man wears a custom piece and it fits his body perfectly, the fabric moves with the body and provides a more sophisticated look. A high-end custom suit made with luxury cloth and canvas will last much longer than a traditional off-the-rack suit or a custom suit that is constructed with lower-grade materials.

What sets your designs/pieces apart?
Our expertise in fitting is based on years of experience and study. I started Moyeva so that I didn’t have to compromise when designing pieces for my clients. I can build an entire custom wardrobe, including shoes, leisure wear and tuxedos, using the finest materials available. A Moyeva piece is comfortable and functional, while also being unique to my clients’ individual lifestyle. I really love incorporating special details like custom jacket linings, contrasting buttonholes and built-in pocket squares that make my pieces one-of-a-kind.

A variety of options for fit and coordinating accessories, including face masks

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